Curated by Essex Flowers
Online July 20 – August 9

Ally Caple, Carolina Fusilier, EJ Hauser, Heather Benjamin, Ilana Savdie, Janine Polak, Jessica Langley, Jonathan Ehrenberg, Linnea Vedder, Maria Rapoport, Mónica Palma, Paul Branca, Rachel Domm, Rachel Eulena Williams, Ruby Sky Stiler, Rufus Tureen, Sean McCarthy, Sojourner Truth Parsons, Stephanie McMahon, and Timothy H. Lai.

Like Pablo Neruda, I once participated in a gift exchange with a stranger through a hole in a fence. Shifting forms looked through the lattice. I remember her hands resting, locking eyes, and folding you like an envelope. The power of the symbol is held within tightly woven waves, like the queen of cups hidden inside a deck of playing cards. I tried to tell you that this embrace is exhausting, but soaked with sun our intimate systems of two forms combine.

100% of Essex Flowers’ and Drawer’s proceeds will be donated to The Loveland Foundation. The Loveland Therapy Fund gives access to high quality mental health services to Black women and girls.