Exquisite Corpse

Drawer is excited to present Exquisite Corpse, an online show of collaborative drawings by 28 artists. Exquisite Corpse is a game in which one person makes part of a drawing, folds the paper to hide their work, and passes it on to the next participant to add to (and so on). We asked 10 artists to start their own versions of an exquisite corpse and pass them on to be completed by whomever they wanted.

Exquisite Corpse will be viewable online from February 5th to February 19th, 2018, and includes work by Adam Henry, Adrienne Wheeler, Annie Hémond Hotte, Bradley Biancardi, Caroline Wells Chandler, Chelsea Seltzer, Dan Gluibizzi, Danielle Orchard, Doron Langberg, Emily Mae Smith, GaHee Park, Howard Fonda, Irena Jurek, James Bouché, June Culp, Kate Klingbeil, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, Kyle Vu-Dunn, M Beverly Hosten Dorsey MD, Paul Gagner, Rachel Hayden, Rotem Linial, Ryan Travis Christian, Sharon Madanes, Sophie Grant, Srijon Chowdhury, Thompson Harris, and Will Wheeler