Still Life

Drawer is pleased to present Still Life, an online exhibition curated by Helena Anrather and Megan Yuan, which brings together works by eleven artists that explore our new lives indoors and the sharper focus on our object companions in this stillness and collective solitude. Still Life includes works by Bridget Mullen, Cait Porter, Cynthia Talmadge, Dominic Musa, Douglas Rieger, Fin Simonetti, Nebojša Despotović, Patrick Bayly, Peter Curtis, Seth Becker, and Vijay Masharani.

Helena Anrather is a contemporary art gallery in Chinatown, New York. Farah Al Qasimi: Funhouse and SCREENERS, an online crowd-sourced video project, are currently viewable on the gallery’s website.

The works included in Still Life will be available online through Drawer from April 27 to May 17.